Five Reasons to Fall in Love With Buenos Aires

I had a chance to visit this an amazing city three times, and I can honestly say that I want to return… This place gave me a lot of positive memories and emotions! I met many creative and passionate people. I tried new food, visited many galleries and museums…  Buenos Aires is unique and fascinating city that will stay in my heart forever.

Puerto Madero

There so many things to love about the capital of Argentina, but I would like to talk about my 5 favourite:

  1. Food and Wine! You cannot visit BA without having an excellent steak, a bottle of red wine (better to take two) and trying an ice cream. There was the best steak I ever tried! Seriously, it was THE BEST steak! You don’t need to think where to go for dinner or lunch,  just pick one restaurant, and there will be a great delicious food. Argentina is definitely a food-lovers paradise! Please, don’t forget about the ice cream! You should try it! There are incredible Italian-style heladerias (ice cream shops) on every block in the city. They offer so many different kind of gelato, so be ready to make a hard decision and choose the few scoops.
  2. Parks. Buenos Aires has a lot of green space: gardens, parks, lakes, botanic garden, zoological garden, even Japanese garden…I’m sure that you will find your favourite one! You can spend many hours just sit back and relax in the sunshine. Bring your book, some snacks and enjoy your time in this city. There you can find more information about parks and gardens.DSC02259.JPG

    Plaza de las Naciones Unidas
  3. Gorgeous architecture. Buenos Aires does not have a dominant architectural style and I love it! You can see a beautiful European architectural influence on the streets, but you definitely still get the Latin American vibe. Free walking tour is a great opportunity to see all sightseeing. You can discover the aristocratic BA with its magnificent architecture, palaces, and monuments.

    Palace of the Argentine National Congress
  4.  Cool street art. Argentinian artists created an outdoor museum in the city. I spent many hours walking in the streets and found a lot of creative graffiti and murals. You can even go on a street art tour in Buenos Aires and a professional guide will tell you a history of the city’s vibrant urban art culture.DSC02009.JPG
  5. Tango. Buenos Aires is known as a capital of tango. Argentinians passionate about this dance, and for them is really important to show it even in the busy street. You can have an opportunity to take a dance class, there a plenty of places that offering the tango lessons for tourists or domestic people. Even if you are not into dancing yourself, you should visit one of the dance halls in Palermo to see a traditional tango performance. I’m sure you are going to love it!

From the time I was in Buenos Aires, I definitely fell in love with this city! It was a place that captured my heart and I’d love to come back! Again and again… Love.



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